TargetVacations.ca was a small fish in the big sea of online travel. Unlike their competitors, TargetVacations.ca did not have the marketing dollars to afford national awareness campaigns. However, they did have a distinct brand personality, an early-adopting President, and operate in an industry that begs to be shared. The perfect combination for a social media campaign to drive awareness, more fans, and ultimately, more sales.

We created a simple and fun contest called ‘Where’s the Beach?’ We built and designed an app embedded in their Facebook fanpage where every other week for 16 weeks, an image of a beach was posted and Facebook users guessed the location. Those who guessed correctly were entered to win a trip to that sunny destination. The campaign was promoted by way of targeted Facebook ads, hints on Twitter, newsletter announcements and banner advertising on travel sites.

A community started to grow. A real conversation was happening between the client and fans, and between the fans themselves. People were sharing photos, commenting and talking to and about the brand – they were even defending it at times. People were outright asking for trips on the Facebook fanpage wall and as a result, this campaign led to the highest sales and profit in TargetVacations.ca’s history.

> Increased sales by 45% and profit by 18% YOY
> Increased online sales by 60% YOY
> Grew Facebook fans by 1,500%
> Increased Twitter followers by 23%

Summit MEA Award (Gold)
Facebook Studio
Rockport Publication