These days, the average sports fan watches more YouTube videos than they do hockey games. And they know more about their favourite athletes than the athletes themselves. How as an athlete, do you harness that fandom, and stay current amongst the digitally absorbing, scrutinizing sports fan? And how do you ensure your ‘brand’ goes beyond the jersey and endorsements? We created the FanApp platform to answer those questions.

FanApp is a mobile platform that allows fans to keep in touch with their favourite athlete in one location. The app contains an athlete’s social media feeds (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) and game stats. To round out the experience, it also contains opportunities to engage through an athlete’s charity and polls. Monetization was developed through in-app advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

The first athlete to adopt the FanApp platform was Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat. In fact, the Chris Bosh FanApp was the first iPhone application dedicated to a professional athlete. Other athletes adopted the platform including Baron Davis (NBA) and Nick Swisher (MLB).

FanApp takes the idea of an athlete, and reinforces in the eyes of the consumer, that they’re a brand. FanApp is the most personal extension of a brand, as it keeps that athlete right in the back pocket of the fan.