The Pop Shoppe brand is all about fun, fantasy and a youthful spirit. The ‘old’ Pop Shoppe website did not communicate any of those traits. To fully engage with its fickle and thirsty customers, the site needed to reflect the true spirit of the brand and its drinkers. It needed to keep users engaged and create a true affinity with the brand. To achieve this goal, a ‘Pop Shoppe World’ was born.

Working with the good folks at Jacknife, we created a world that felt like the taste of a Pop Shoppe drink, complete with loveable characters, imaginative animations and twisted videos. To allow the client to update the content themselves, some of the site was built using FlashPress, a new platform that proved to be the perfect balance of form and function (it was one of the first sites to use the platform.) In the end, the new site strategy was all about engagement and keeping the user’s attention while being true to the brand personality.

After just six months, when comparing the new Pop Shoppe site with similar sites in its category, the Pop Shoppe site achieved:

> A 98% lower Bounce Rate – people didn’t leave the site
> 232% more Page Views – people explored the site and brand
> 80% more Visitors – more people were exposed to the brand
> And a 42% higher Average Time Spent on Site – people were engaged

Webby Award (Winner)
Applied Arts Interactive (Winner)
W3 Award (Silver)
Summit EMA Award (Winner)
Mobius Award (Silver)