Nescafe 3 n’ 1 is a threesome of coffee, whitener, and sugar. It was created to appeal to millennials; a consumer base who likes their coffee sweet and creamy. We previously created three animated ‘Threelly Awesome’ online videos to run during the first few weeks of September (when university and college students head back to school.) However, the media dollars were reduced significantly, and so too was the campaign. But the videos didn’t go to waste.

To hook millennials up with Nescafe 3 n’ 1, the newly launched Tinder app was the perfect place to offer students samples (i.e. tasteful threesomes) during Frosh Week . It wasn’t perfect just because our target was there, but because we could geo target as well. Perhaps most importantly, it provided a relevant forum to discuss a slightly provocative message. Tinder profiles were created with the outlandish animated characters from the online videos, each one showing an interest in meeting new people (and in threesomes.) And when a person was matched with a character’s profile, they instantly received a witty reply and a link to the video starring that character. Nescafe 3 n’ 1 was one of the first brands to play in this medium.

W3 (Gold)
Summit Award (Bronze)


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