Yes, OneMethod has its roots firmly planted in digital. However, the agency is not a one-trick pony. We also do TV. Here are some recent spots not highlighted in other portfolio examples.

Turtles needed to expand its appeal outside the Holiday season. The spot below helped do that, along with a larger campaign that included social content (FB, IG, and P), and a website redesign and relaunch. The campaign was based on an insight derived from focus groups around Turtles having a special place on the chocolate treat continuum. It was seen as a gesture, as a way to tell or show someone you care. A :15 sec holiday spot rounded out the TV component of the integrated plan.

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 12.46.03 PM.png

For decades, Boost had a formulaic approach to their advertising. It included an older, grey-haired consumer who complained of ailing health. Then, the Dietician daughter, always in a white lab coat, greeted her father/mother in the kitchen with a bottle of Boost. It was a strategy based on functional product attributes. The thing is; no one falls in love with functional aspects of a product – they fall in love with an emotional connection.

So in this homogenous category, we redefined the consumer, then the strategy, and finally, the overall communication approach to that of an emotionally driven positioning. In addition to the :30 second TV spot below, we developed several :15 second versions for online, a revamped and completely redesigned website, content, rich digital media, and newspaper print ads. The :30 TV spot has been adopted by seven countries and overall, the results speak for themselves: 13% growth in shipments (with 24% of those sales attributed directly to the advertising), 110% increase in Purchase Intent, and the campaign helped grow household penetration by 4%, after three years of stagnant growth and/or declines.

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 12.43.09 PM.png

A strategy out of the US around ‘quality’ had been developed, however, the area needed some meat on its bones. That meat was tying the idea of ‘quality’ around going above and beyond, in terms of exceeding quality standards in Nestle Pure Life’s bottled water. It was also a phrase and attitude Moms could identify with. Armed with a stronger and more identifiable strategy, two :30 second spots were created (the one below received over 17M views and got picked up by the US) and an online contest called ‘Little MOMents’ was created where Moms were asked to share how they go ‘above and beyond’. Social content was also produced in addition to rich digital media, as well as a bottle label redesign.

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 12.25.38 PM.png

We had the opportunity to develop a 2018 Superbowl spot for the new ‘sharable’ KIT KAT sized bar. We hand to communicate the sharability, the break, and football, all in two six seconds spots. So, we combined the two to create a :15 for TV and sixes for social. The results was a quick and dirty spot that did everything we needed it to do. Touchdown!

We developed an entirely new campaign and platform for AERO under the notion of ‘mindfulness’. And we needed to sweetly and succinctly communicate that message in fifteen seconds. So we took an uber sweet moment, made it playful, and made it all things AERO. The video below was one of three videos developed for the campaign, in addition to other static social content. The video was then leveraged for TV after seeing online success with a 36% lift in Ad Recall. In the end, everyday business grew by 6%, we outpaced category growth and grew AERO milk single bar by 3%, and helped AERO surpass Reese for the #3 position in the single bar rankings.