Sharing a box of Turtles is a Canadian holiday tradition. But over the past three years, TURTLES had seen a downward trend in sales, culminating with one of our slowest holiday seasons in the holidays of 2016. We needed to differentiate ourselves from competing international chocolate brands, who outspent the brand 2:1, encroaching on both Turtles’ shelf space, and on its place in the hearts of Canadians.

The solution? Change the conversation online about Turtles, by offering something our competitors couldn’t: a little less. #UnboxLove was a campaign where we created and sold limited edition holiday tins exclusively online, each missing a single Turtle, which symbolized sharing the love with families in need at the holidays.

In other words, we gave a little less, so others could have a little more.


Through the sales of our tins, we gifted $100 VISA cards to Canadians living below the poverty line, in the hopes that we could help make the holidays a little easier.

We launched the campaign on ‘Giving Tuesday’ and told the story exclusively through the voices of influencers and advocates, who created momentum for our cause within their communities on Instagram and Facebook. They drove traffic to an e-commerce site which sold the limited edition holiday tins exclusively and offered Canadians free gift wrapping, a personalized greeting card, and free shipping to anywhere in Canada.

All we needed Canadians to do was to give up one Turtle. And that they did.

> 20M impressions in less than 4 weeks.
> 6% growth in overall sales vs. -9% YOY
> 1.5pt growth in Market Share
> Unprecedented 99.7% campaign positive sentiment
> Campaign lifted Brand Recall +5 pts and Purchase Intent +3 pts (2x the CPG average)
> Coverage included CP24, Global News, CTV, Global Advisor, and Strategy Magazine.
> Sold out of limited edition holiday tins.