That’s right, you read that title correctly – what better way to reach a new target and stand out amongst your competition, than through Tina’s Uterus?

Y’see, Motrin, ibuprofen pain relief medication not unlike Advil, had no voice. Had no presence. And didn’t stand for anything. Focus groups said it was a ‘stranger’ on shelf. And with less than 3% market share, it was a stranger in most medicine cabinets as well. If we couldn’t crack this nut (after our client fired their incumbent agency) the brand would be delisted. Enter, Tina’s Uterus (so to speak.)

We went after Gen Z women, a completely new target for Motrin and a differentiated target from Advil and Tylenol. We also developed a differentiated communication strategy; leading with menstrual pain vs. headache pain (another first for Motrin.) We also needed to turn heads, stand out, and speak to this young female target the way they speak about menstrual pain, humorously and honestly.

A 15sec TV script would be tested: if it got the ‘green’ light, it would air. Not only did it get the coveted ‘green’ light, it became Motrin’s strongest performing script ever, from any region globally, and strongest performing pain medication spot in the history of Johnson & Johnson’s pain portfolio. So we shot the tested spot, along with a 15 sec online follow-up video (below) and several six-second bumpers.

ONE Show (Shortlisted)
Atomic Awards (Gold)
Strategy Awards (Silver)
Effies (Bronze)
CMA Awards (Bronze)
Marketing Awards (Merit)

Social Results:
> Awareness: 8x objective (480% increase)
> Purchase Intent: 2x objective (115% increase)
> Ad Recall: 2x objective (100% increase)
> Completion Rate: 3x objective (190% increase)
> Positive Sentiment: 350% increase

YouTube Results:
> Viewthrough Rate: 2x objective at 44.1%
> Ad Recall: 3x objective at 73.1%

Sales Results:

> +16% growth in baseline sales in a declining category

Online Positive Sentiment:

“This is so accurate I can’t even”
“Motrin, you’re my best friend.”
“Honestly, this commercial is pure gold”
“This was my uterus on Tuesday”
“This is amazing. MORE ADS LIKE THIS PLEASE”
“This is the most lit insta commercial that’s ever been forced on me”
“Yup that’s about right”
“I am buying Motrin because of this ad”
“Have I ever related more to a representation of a uterus? Nope.”